It's even worse than it appears..
Poll: If you own a Tesla and you're American, how do you vote?#
All of Musk's Trumpy bullshit comes at a time when a flood of competition is coming for Tesla and it looks like they're copying the basic design. This is giving them a chance to rip out a lot of old crap, and turn their cars into computers with big batteries and wheels. I think Tesla has a huge problem in front of them, no Carplay or Android Auto support, therefore no app ecosystem. There are a few apps that I miss not having on my Tesla that I can use on my Subaru (which I never drive because I love the Tesla so much). So Musk is playing Trump. How stupid and dull. I thought he was smart. I thought I was being smart buy buying his product. Ech. What a stupid waste of energy.#

Last update: Sunday May 22, 2022; 2:15 PM EDT.

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