It's even worse than it appears..
A bunch of new products on the OPML apps list. #
What would you do right now if you were CEO of Twitter? #
Om Malik, who like me is an OG of the web, on music software: "All music apps at present suck. From Spotify to Tidal to Qobuz to Apple. Do a comparison — all shit." I wrote in response: "I’m a newcomer to music apps, but got a free six months with Amazon Music, and it works pretty well, just wish I had more control over offline mode because where I live there’s no cell coverage. Haven’t tried the others." Here's what I want in case anyone knows how to do it. They have a station that just plays music they think I'll like. And after six months, they have a pretty good idea, and the stuff they recommend often is stuff I really want to hear. I want to tell it to download a couple of hours of this stuff. Or maybe always have a couple of hours downloaded. So when I'm out and about, maybe on my bike or driving around, I can listen to music uninterrupted. My iPhone has huge amounts of available memory, can't think of a better use of that space than music that's just for me. I hope there's a setting for this. It could just be a checkbox. Or even better, a preference that says how much memory it can use to cache stuff. #
I finished How the South Won the Civil War, and it was somewhat of a disappointment. Obviously it's a college textbook, because it recites facts, names and dates, ad nauseum, things that are probably required by curricula (just guessing), and there isn't much in the book that I didn't already know. I was expecting something that truly lived up to the title, that explained why were still living with slavery today, but that isn't what the book is about. I think it's a provocative title for a pretty ordinary American history book. My next book is Caste (*) and so far am getting a lot out of it. Will report. #
In the previous post the (*) is where I knocked over a large full glass of ice coffee on my desk, the one with all my hard disks. I did something like this a few weeks ago with a glass of ice water. When this happens I quickly mobilize, moving everything of value away from the puddle. There were no towels nearby so I ran to the bedroom and got an old t-shirt that I could sacrifice, ran back and quickly sopped up the puddle and all the random bits of coffee and ice I could find. Now there's dried coffee on my keyboard and my mouse. But everything still seems to work. I went downstairs and made another tall glass of ice coffee, and hopefully this one will end up not on computer hardware and my desk, but rather fueling a day of creativity. This is a blog, therefore I am obligated to tell you, dear reader, about these events. #
One more thing, I had a bad reaction to one of the vaccines I had yesterday, and last night, all through the night, it was as if I had a mild cold. And two sore arms. But the worst seems to be over. Knock wood. #
No one needs a gun that can kill 19 children.#
I am irony-deficient. #
  • I remember wondering if somewhere in the Capitol, Congress was being slaughtered, the way the 19 kids were yesterday.#
  • January 6, 2021#
  • Guns, guns and back alley abortions.#

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