It's even worse than it appears..
Monday May 30, 2022; 6:24 PM EDT
  • I took a quick drive this morning to Boiceville to visit Bread Alone's store in Boiceville, NY. #
  • First a disclaimer, you'll see why I need to make it in a bit..#
    • I love Bread Alone bread. I ate it even when I lived in Manhattan, it was the best bread in the Whole Foods that was near where I lived. They had lots of brands. I tried them all, and Bread Alone was the brand I stuck with. It's really good. If you get a chance, try it out. I don't own any stock in the company, I'm just a satisfied customer. #
  • Anyway the visit was eye-opening, so I wrote it up and posted it in a private group on Facebook.#
  • My quick story about visiting the Bread Alone in Boiceville.#
  • I can't show you what people said, it's a private group. But most people were very nice and realized it wasn't a speech, and I wasn't saying the well-dressed yuppies don't belong where a Mountain Man such as myself, dressed and bearded as a Mountain Man might be, among all their fine Manhattan clothes, manners and youth. I wasn't saying they don't belong there, if anything I felt in that moment as if I don't belong! Yet a few people thought I was saying they should go away and that was what the (at times heated) conversation was about. #
  • One word: Oy. #
  • It's always been thus. Ever since I ran my own BBS on an Apple II in the living room of my Menlo Park, CA apartment in 1981, online groups that give everyone an equal voice devolve into bullshit. It's just a matter of time. Always happens. No exceptions.#
  • How do I know? I've been doing online stuff since as long as any of them have lived in the mountains. 😄#

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