It's even worse than it appears..
The twenty-year review of RSS 2.0 is now officially underway, with the release of the reallysimple package. I know not many people are paying attention yet, but this is the beginning of a new stack of open source feed tools. By the time we get to Sept 18, a nice new barn should be raised, and RSS can begin its second twenty years with some of the broken windows fixed and a fresh coat of paint.#
I was talking with a friend from Brazil, he told me that Brazil had slavery too. I thought it was a uniquely American thing. #
Feeder is a server app that connects to reallysimple via the web. #
Video demo of RSS feeds in Drummer.#
Calling tech products web3 or web5 is a billionaire's way of pissing on everyone else in the usual territorial way. As if to say "we can shit on the biggest open standard ever, and there's nothing you can do." Maybe so, but we don't have to buy what you're selling.#
Why not come up with a Bitcoin where proof-of-work feeds starving people or at least only uses energy from renewable sources.#
BTW, this is what a reallysimplified feed looks like. 😄#

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