It's even worse than it appears..
I had a Covid scare today. A friend who is visiting was staying in a house where someone got Covid the night before they came to my house. We both took Covid tests, and both were negative. So I feel pretty good about dodging this. It's the first time I took a test. I play it very safe re Covid. I have too many risk factors to want to take too many risks, and as far as I'm concerned the pandemic is still raging. In the meantime, if you get Covid, get the latest treatment. I can't imagine why someone who gets infected doesn't, but it happens apparently. #
Everything, Everywhere, All At Once — watched last night, maybe I was too wiped out from a day full of adventure, but I couldn’t stay awake. Not imho a great movie though it received universal acclaim from critics and friends. I will try again. #
More on EEAAO -- I think what we're seeing here is that commercial movies have changed, they have to be action superhero type movies because they have to sell all over the world, and that's basically what the world likes. So they snuck a little "I'm ok you're ok" psychology into it, so it would have appeal for adults, kind of like a Pixar movie, but like The Matrix or Kill Bill instead of Iron Man and the Marvel Universe. It's like we stumbled into an alternate metaverse that wasn't intended for us, the response of its people would be basically OK boomer, time to move on. And it's no accident that the dialog is half English, half Cantonese. Two big markets for blockbuster movies.#
I read on the web that "Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Makes a Daring Step into web3." Oh really. So I went to their glorious web3 adventure only to find -- ooops. If it had worked I am told that I might get a YSL Beauty NFT. "Acting as a recognition token of the community engagement, those 10K YSL Beauty Golden Blocks (ERC721 minted on Polygon with the Arianee Protocol) will unlock utilities throughout the year including a premiere launch, whitelisting for NFT drops and much more." I'm making a note of this here on my decidedly old school tech blog. We have so much to learn from their brave and daring experiment. #
I added a new feature to the reallysimple package. Now it looks for an atom:link head-level element with rel="self" and if it's present, it then adds the href value to the feed object with the name linkToSelf. Here's an example of a feed, Don Park's blog, that has this element, and here's what reallysimple generates. I felt it was good to include this because this use of atom:link is pretty common, and I wanted to make a gesture, that this isn't about supporting any single feed format, rather it's about supporting what's out there and useful. #

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