It's even worse than it appears..
The next part of the reallysimple project is a mailbox style reader that plugs in like a LEGO block. You want a different kind of reader? It'll be easy to plug it in too. Here's a demo. It's not finished yet, going slowly and carefully. Here's a screen shot. The reader has a lot of interesting features. 😄#
The goal of the reallysimple project is to have lots of devs doing lots of experimentation with RSS at the same time, and having all their work be totally compatible. To start a new developer process that avoids the pitfalls of the RSS environment of the last 20 years. #
Happy 80th to Paul McCartney. ❤️ #
Beatles: And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.#
The people who say our democracy is teetering on the edge are a few seasons behind. It's time to design a political party that fits the political system we have. If I said the things we have to do to get back on track, you'd cancel me hard. But we still have to do them. 💥#
Listening to an idea you don't like is good for your creativity.#
A Covid theory... My friend visiting from out of town had Covid. We were together 3 full days. I didn't get Covid. Why? I got my second booster less than a month ago. At the same time I got pneumonia and shingles vaccines. The theory: My immune system was standing by.#
Today I learned that when you fly a fair number of your fellow travelers are infected with Covid.#
BTW, I might be missing something about Julian Assange. Isn't he the asshole who dumped all of HRC's emails and gave the NYT all the ammo they needed to tank her candidacy thus giving us Trump? I could be wrong, there could be two people named Julian Assange. I guess.#
I take note when Joe Trippi forwards one of my posts. Yesterday it was my bit about Ron DeSantis. I think for sure he's running for president in 2024, and if the Repubs are smart, they'll nominate him instead of Trump. He gets a clean slate. He's just dog-whistle-level racist enough to get all the votes Trump got and enough of Biden's to win without having to resort to an insurrection. But he is a solid white supremacist, return-to-slavery type Republican. Won't make even the slightest attempt to win support from blue states or minority voters. All white all the way. At the same time, it's a good bet that by the election in 2024, Twitter will be run to please the MAGAs. Why do I think so? Well, everything Musk says about free speech is just another dog-whistle for the MagaVerse. Joe if you're listening, please tell your friends in the the political consultant sphere that we need to at least start a social network for electing Dems in 2024 and beyond. Don't depend on Twitter being useful in that election. We'll need new ways to organize that go beyond fund-raising and advertising. We need to have a 365-by-7-by-24 connection with voters. Organizing isn't just for elections anymore. #
I finished two series -- Tehran and Gentleman Jack. I would not recommend the first, it got really tedious and kind of bullshitty toward the end. And completely not believable. You'd have to believe that Iran, a country that has been at war continually since the 1979 revolution, wouldn't have the most basic security for its leaders. Gentleman Jack on the other hand is a sweet story, a bit melodramatic, the bad guys are just a little too bad, esp at the end of the second season. But instead of leaving us with a horrible cliffhanger, as most shows do, they have so far ended each of the two seasons with a kiss. If there's a third season I will watch it. I've been saving the new season of Borgen, pretty sure that will be the next binge. #
  • The perfect candidate for president from either party is a clever, confident, handsome, young, white man you'd like to watch on social media every day. He can lead a cheer, tell a joke, kiss a baby, knows how to eat pizza, and will get angry in a debate and then tell another joke. You would love to have a beer with him, or ride with him on a chair at Vail even if you're too poor or old to ski. #
  • I watched Trump's rally last night for a refresher. Yup. He still looks and sounds good if you overlook the criminality and lies, narcissism and mediocrity which people are happy to do. He meets the important criteria. He's funny, looks okay and is white and a man. #
  • At the end of Trump's term people were completely wiped out from the consequences of hiring such a loud-mouth punkass papa's boy loser, but memories are short, and Biden really is old, and he stumbles through his speeches. Biden will do, as long as he's running against Trump, but doesn't inspire. #
  • Look if you're willing to compromise, and I am, although I would love an America that would embrace a really black president (not Obama who is a black man designed to make white people feel comfortable) or a woman president like Val Demings who is smart, thinks on her feet and hasn't been battered by the press and Republicans for 30 years when she runs, but that is not this America. #
  • I think the best compromise for Democrats is Gavin Newsom. He checks all the boxes and he would also be a good political leader and is not a fascist. Any Democrat would get my vote, but I'd be confident Newsom would win. Almost anyone else I'd hold my breath and hope for the best, and expect we'd lose. #

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