It's even worse than it appears..
Friday June 24, 2022; 5:54 PM EDT
  • Roe v Wade overturned.#
  • Podcast: The Democrats are lame, that's also a problem, just as bad at the Repubs being Putinites. I struggled with when RBG died, it was Sept 18, 2020. #
  • This ad is no longer a cautionary tale. It's the new reality. America.#
  • Thread: I wish the Dems had prepared for this moment. They had the time. The best they can come up with is "Vote?" Really. We voted Obama into the presidency and he let the Repubs steal a judge from us. What good does voting do if the people we elect won't fight!#
  • Poll: Is the Supreme Court a terrorist organization?#
  • Poll: Have you or a sexual partner had an abortion?#
  • We should consider ignoring the Supreme Court from now on. Declare the Constitution defunct, and go on from there. One side respecting the Constitution and the other side ignoring it is not a workable situation.#
  • Politically, tag every Republican candidate for *anything* with this decision. It's a referendum on freedom. The Repubs, each and every one of them, are on the wrong side of this. Make them defend it.#

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