It's even worse than it appears..
Today's podcast: Let's not waste this crisis. We can fix a lot of things that have been waiting since the end of the Civil War. #
George Carlin: "They believe a woman's primary role is to function as a broodmare for the state."#
Little Card Editor was down, but it's back up now. You have to re-log-in. An example of what you can do with LCE. Video demo.#
Should we be asking about Amy Coney Barrett's sexual history or is that off-topic, and if so, why?#
The Constitution is like an operating system. The one we have was designed for slavery. But then a few decades after the Bill of Rights we changed our mind, and decided not to have slavery. It's like going from character-based to GUI. but we never wrote a new OS.#
The first episode of Loot is as good as you'd expect because the star is Maya Rudolph. #
I hate random pieces of software who treat you like a friend sending text messages, so you pick up the phone only to realize oh it's amazon photos who found a photo just like one i took three years ago and have no recollection of. #
It was odd that Thomas didn't include Loving v Virginia in his list until you realize he's in an interracial marriage.#
Dorothy and Herman Guttierez at the dinner party in Columbus on Tuesday.#

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