It's even worse than it appears..
Tuesday June 28, 2022; 6:31 PM EDT
  • Ever since they announced that companies can register and run TLDs, I've been somewhat obsessed by the idea of running one myself. #
  • Here's the idea, a TLD for the feed-o-sphere. I'd like to have a feed named dave.feed. When you access my domain it returns the content at a URL you specify and can change. So where ever I may be blogging today, you may find my feed at that address. #
  • So the questions are basically: #
    • How much money does it take, up front and periodically? Who gets the money? #
    • How much time does it take to apply for the TLD, and what are the requirements to be approved?#
    • Can you make a TLD non-profit, and does that affect the cost?#
    • Is it only for companies or can individuals register TLDs?#
    • What questions have I missed?#
  • I've started a thread on my blog's repo to discuss, or you can respond on Twitter, but I'd prefer on the repo.#
  • Thanks! 😄#
  • PS: Not dave.rss. I tried that for a while and got all tied up in a revolutionary movement in India, or something like that. No thank you. #

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