It's even worse than it appears..
The Supreme Court is beneath contempt.#
How we will know slavery and racism are behind us in America: We will teach American children that many of our ancestors, the people who built this country, were slaves. If that rubs you wrong, there's your racism, right there. #
I have a feeling that "web3" is going to be like the semantic web. It was supposed to set the world on fire, for some reason I never understood. How long do you have to wait?#
BTW I always put "web3" in double quotes because it's an illegitmate name and hugely disrespectful. You shouldn't get to self-declare yourself the 3rd coming of something as hugely significant as the world wide web. I don't think we should have used the term Web 2.0, but don't blame me for that one.#
You can blame me for Internet 3.0, the title of a story in 2001.#
Francine Hardaway, longtime friend, writes to say she and her husband built a geodesic in Arizona. They sold it and now it's on AirBnB. Francine also went to Bronx Science, as did I. #
Scienceites have an effectionate name for ourselves, but it's not really printable. Let's see if I can telegraph it. We didn't have a football team, but we did have a math team. We had a computer in the early 70s when I went there, which was amazing. A block away was DeWitt Clinton High School which was all-boys and definitely had a football team. We were under no illusions about who would win if we fought, so they didn't pick on us. Sort of an honor thing, I guess. Anyway we called ourselves (and as far as I know still do) The Science Fa**ots. Maybe they don't say it these days, this was before political correctness. 😄#
Poll: When writing code I'm writing primarily for.. #
Poll: Remove filibuster, electoral college, senate or states?#

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