It's even worse than it appears..
I can't believe all the crazy swirling around the Knicks right now. Here's the deal. We have a really interesting team, we're going to get really emotionally involved with them next season. We're going to love rooting for them, win or lose. So stop kvetching and relax. 💥#
It's fascinating to watch the discussion at Hacker News re XML-RPC. They got some things right. The protocol was designed in a couple of weeks by four people, two at Microsoft and two of us not. The Microsoft people were from their networking group. They wanted a cross-platform protocol to do what DCOM does. It was and is a brilliant idea. I wanted it as a way of designing APIs for scriptable blogging systems. We were in the process of shipping a new Windows version of Frontier, we already had a Mac version, and I wanted the two Frontiers to work beautifully together on LANs and on the net. I wrote a blog post about it, when I figured out that it would be done with XML and HTTP. I then got an email from Bob Atkinson at Microsoft asking if I wanted to work with them on this. I always admired Bob and people like him at Microsoft, they had an excellent engineering culture imho, so of course I said yes. What followed was one of the most productive collaborations of my career. And as a result not only did Frontier get great cross-platform compatibility, all the early blogging systems has compatible APIs. To the Hacker News folks, that's what matters in a protocol, what kind of interop did it enable. See my Rules for standards-makers for more on this.#
I want Biden to step back after the election and let the Democrats have a great primary campaign where we really discuss, as a country, what our options are going forward. Not limited to things considered too daring, like expanding the court. It's clear Biden will not do what we need. But that's okay, his greatest contribution would be to create a stage for the next generation of leaders to work things out, along with Bernie Sanders and others. #
  • I was looking through some archives and came across this picture of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs probably taken in the 80s or early 90s. #
  • A lot of time has passed.#

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