It's even worse than it appears..
The Guardian says Tucker Carlson "could" be a good president. What do you think?#
NPR this morning did the ultimate unforgivable "both sides" horse-race bs -- they labeled people who support Roe v Wade as extremists and wondered if such extremism will cause the Democrats to lose in November. Journalism will let the center go where ever the Repubs want to put it. Now Roe is extreme, last month it was the settled law, according to all but one of the Supreme Court justices (publicly, privately they were ready to destroy it). The problem isn't Repubs, they're just taking what we're letting them have. The problem is journalism and the Democratic Party, but even more broadly the problem is we don't put a stop to this and tell the Dems clearly that they have to get real, or we won't re-elect them. #
A country isn't great because it says it's great. A great country does what the Bill of Rights says, but for every citizen, and not for fictitious citizens like corporations.#

Last update: Sunday July 17, 2022; 3:38 PM EDT.

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