It's even worse than it appears..
Monday July 18, 2022; 12:36 PM EDT
  • Here's an RSS feed for the tweets on my cluelessnewbie test account. This is new. Look at the items in that feed, you'll see each has a source:markdown element. It's explained in the docs for the Source namespace. #
  • I entered a thread in Twitter, using Markdown to style lists, text, links and code. Also note that the first item in the Twitter thread begins with a single #, which my processor interprets as it being the title for the RSS item. Believe it or not that fixes a pretty big mismatch in the connection between Twitter and RSS, titles. If you remember reading Twitter feeds in Google Reader you'll know what I mean. 😄#
  • The text starts in Twitter, goes out through RSS, is processed by Markdown, and rendered predictably in my reader app. #
  • The Twitter thread, as rendered in my RSS reader.#
  • Summary: We've added Markdown to RSS, and hooked Twitter up to RSS. And of course because it's all open, any RSS reader can support this.#
  • In the old days on Scripting News when something like this worked I'd end the post with..#
  • Bing!#
  • PS: Support for this feature is already in the reallySimple package. #
  • PPS: Here's a place to ask questions. #
  • PPPS: The devnotes for Markdown in RSS.#

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