It's even worse than it appears..
I'm trying to see how long I can wait before turning on the air conditioning. #
Michelle Goldberg regrets calling on Al Franken to resign. But she misses an important point. Men saw what happened too. And while we were effectively silenced in the public debate, men do vote and that's a private thing. I don't doubt that #metoo contributed to more men voting for Trump. So there's another reason to regret forcing Franken to quit without any process, it was stupid politics. I think something similar contributed to Elizabeth Warren's failure as a presidential candidate in 2020. I enthusiastically supported her at first, but then I guess trying to get stronger women's support, she said some awful things about men. It didn't get any press, but I, as a man heard it, and as far as I was concerned it disqualified her. A president has to be for every American, regardless of gender. A woman president is also a president for men. And we can vote. We will I hope have a woman president someday, and when we do, she will appeal to all genders. Men can be feminists, but if you think that equates to attacking men for being men, you won't win. Men still have a lot of votes. #

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