It's even worse than it appears..
Peloton has a series of training sessions where they go some place interesting and record one of the teachers riding there for 20 minutes or 30 or more. You're supposed get the feeling that you're riding there, I guess, but it's terrible. I tried it a few times, but yesterday I figured out why it's so bad. They keep changing the perspective. First you're seeing what the teacher sees. Then the camera goes off to the side, you're watching the rider. Then you're in a drone 200 feet above the rider, then the drone is looking down on the mountains or seascape or whatever. Then it goes back to the first-person perspective. I guess whoever designed these classes has no idea what it's like to ride? You only have one perspective and you get into the zone on it. But switching like that makes me feel sick! Literally makes me feel nauseous. I have to put my eyes somewhere else until the ride is over, but every so often I forget and there's that awful feeling again. Exercise is a meditation. Your mind does its own thing while your subconscious relaxes, just exerting and getting the body chemistry going to a nice place. And just when you're starting to zone out -- boom -- reality changes drastically. Again and again and again ad nauseum. Nothing in the real world works that way. Some free advice for Peloton. #
I ordered a Pixel 6 Pro. I've been enjoying my iPhone 13 Pro, but I've been wanting to try the pro version of the Pixel. I've been carrying two phones -- the other a Pixel 4a. Looking forward to trying the same thing without limits. I got the one with 512GB.#
I want an EZ-Pass for news. If I can drive the same car in Ohio or New Jersey and fly through the toll booths, why can't I do the same on the web with news.#

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