It's even worse than it appears..
If the Democrats enjoyed politics even a little, we would be experiencing a huge wave of euphoria right now. We'd all be standing up in praise of Kansas, making the next state want to be next for FOMO. We'd be talking about what we can do next to make the US come together.#
The other day I read that Scoble thinks Tesla's way of playing music from an iPhone is as good as CarPlay or Android Auto. At first I couldn't think why that was wrong, but I just went down to the car (a Model Y) to set it up to work with the new Pixel 6 Pro I got yesterday, and remembered. When you're playing music on a phone in a Tesla, you have to use the UI of the phone to control the music. With CarPlay it's integrated with the display of the car, and it's simplified to be like a car control. And it's easy to switch apps, again using the UI of the CarPlay software, integrated into the car. It's so dangerous to do the same with the Tesla system that I never do it unless the car is stopped. The difference is integration. I wrote about this when I was first transitioning from CarPlay to Telsa, and it's a serious problem for Tesla that they don't have an app ecosystem, and unless they do a deal with Apple and Google, they probably aren't going to have one. It's no small thing to build one of those, they might have done it when they had the electric car business to themselves, but that's already past. #
The news people report decidedly that American is totally fucked, and we think they have some way of measuring fucked-ness, but yesterday the people of Kansas proved that we're not quite as fucked as they say. Another observation. If the Supreme Court is now made up of unelected politicians (it is), they are really shitty politicians. If they were smart they would have done the Dobbs thing after the midterms.#
I have a new Android phone this morning. One of the first things I did was transfer some music to the phone. I have to say it worked much better than transferring to my iPhone. From a Mac, which didn't work at all. I even bought a new Mac just for that purpose. Still couldn't get it to work. What's wrong with this picture? On the other hand, how do you play music on this Android wonder? All the apps begin with Google followed by three dots. Hmm. Which one plays music? I can't tell. Didn't they user-test this stuff at all?? I found an app that opens data files and when I opened one of the MP3's it figured it out and launched something that would play it. Now I wonder how that's going to work on my Tesla? We'll find out!#

Last update: Wednesday August 3, 2022; 9:55 PM EDT.

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