It's even worse than it appears..
A new term: "alitoist." He's a politician now. A neophyte. His name should be as infamous as McCarthy as in McCarthyism. #
BTW, here's a screen shot of what Google Trends returns for alitoist today. Let's see if anything happens here. 😄 #
I am generally critical of the substance and format of cable news, but — the opening segment on Joy Reid’s show last night about women and abortion after Kansas was outstanding, deep, emotionally evocative, inspiring. The Dobbs decision, however awful, enslaving and life-endangering of American citizens, has a silver lining. It can stir us to act in care of each other, across all supposed divisions, find the American within each of us. We are still unitable if you push us hard enough.#
Today I coined a new term -- News Product. A product made out of news. I keep looking for something better, but in this case needed a descriptive term.#
This is funny. I've been programming almost 50 years if you can believe that. I do all my programming in an outliner so I can put as much text as I want into the code and it's still as simple as it was at the beginning. #

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