It's even worse than it appears..
Friday August 5, 2022; 10:30 PM EDT
  • Today was the first time I went to a Tesla supercharger.#
  • I thought I could make it home with 6% to spare, but my Tesla insisted that I should play it safe and get a charge at the charger in New Paltz, NY. Turns out it was at a place I knew well, the Plaza Diner. When I was 17 I hitchhiked up to New Paltz every Friday that summer and often would end up there on my way. #
  • The Plaza Diner, New Paltz, NY.#
  • I was amazed at how fast their charger runs. It almost felt like filling up a gas-powered car. I was also impressed that there was nowhere to piss. How can you have a place like this with no way for a human to evacuate while the car fills up. I was tempted to just do it, but I held on and waited till I got home.#

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