It's even worse than it appears..
The Mets are slumping now. I haven't even looked at the standings this morning, but they are in a deep rut, and who know when or how they will come out of it. Another thing that's like developing software. Sometimes everything's clicking, you go through each step methodically, and you do lose your way but you get back on track quickly. Even a team that's booming hits into double plays. And even teams that are winning, lose no less than 1/4 of their games. The league leading hitter only gets a hit 3 out of every 10 times they come to the plate. But when it's all clicking, you want to stay in the game. #
If you watch Bear, creating a software product is done the way the sous-chef Sydney develops a new item for their menu. If you're going for the full effect, you iterate and test, think, go back and do it all, over and over until you've struck a good balance and compromises with reality. A product goes from dream to reality in many stages. In food and software, in everything. #

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