It's even worse than it appears..
Looking for a few good feeds: I want to add some new feeds to my reader, specifically interested in good Substack-type feeds that readers of my blog might find interesting. The topics I cover here. I'm going to demonstrate an idea I think all writers should work on, presenting collections of feeds of sources they value to their readers.#
I'm debugging memory usage of a database app in Node. As I do this high wire act, because to do these tests I have to change code and every time I do that, I run the risk of introducing a serious low level bug, I realize I'm using experience I got taking chemistry in my freshman year of college, many years ago. I've done this kind of work before, obviously -- I built a full featured commercial product for the Apple II when it had 48K of application memory. I swapped code in from disk which made the app kind of modal, and wrote in a high level language that generated dense pseudo code, much more memory efficient than machine code. People think that if you make software that regular people can use that you don't have to have deep technical skills. The opposite is true. #
  • An request to whoever runs
  • Instead of returning 404 for a favicon you don't have in your database, just redirect to a default icon. #
  • Having an error message show up in the JavaScript console in the browser doesn't serve any purpose.#
  • TIA.#

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