It's even worse than it appears..
Thursday October 20, 2022; 9:49 AM EDT
  • Here's a screen shot of my FeedLand list as viewed by another user. #
  • My feedlist as viewed by another user.#
  • These are the feeds I'm subscribed to. When I look at the list, all the feeds are checked, but when another user looks at the same list, only the ones they're subscribed to are checked. #
    • This is a core feature of the product. It's how we share new feeds to follow, both inside and outside of FeedLand. #
    • It's a very porous product, since it's about feeds, it's all about moving ideas all over the place. #
  • To subscribe to a feed, just click the checkbox. It's automatically added to your list and its stories will show up when you read the news.#
  • Notes...#
    • The most basic rule of FeedLand is that everything is visible to everyone. Except for your login info, there's absolutely no privacy in FeedLand, which keeps things really simple. #
    • I wrote up a design for this in 2007, calling it Checkbox News, hoping someone else would do it. No one did, so as often happens, I did it myself. 😄#
    • FeedLand is not yet released. It is currently being used by about twenty people, since early August. I don't want to add more yet, because this product is about community. We're not ready yet for a lot of new people. We're going slow and deliberately. I remember from past experience how community cultures develop. I want to get this right.#
    • To people who make (and use) feed readers, the lists people create in FeedLand can easily be shared with feed readers that support OPML import. Here's my feed list in OPML. It changes as I add and remove feeds from the list via the checkboxes. #

Last update: Friday October 21, 2022; 10:04 AM EDT.

You know those obnoxious sites that pop up dialogs when they think you're about to leave, asking you to subscribe to their email newsletter? Well that won't do for Scripting News readers who are a discerning lot, very loyal, but that wouldn't last long if I did rude stuff like that. So here I am at the bottom of the page quietly encouraging you to sign up for the nightly email. It's got everything from the previous day on Scripting, plus the contents of the linkblog and who knows what else we'll get in there. People really love it. I wish I had done it sooner. And every email has an unsub link so if you want to get out, you can, easily -- no questions asked, and no follow-ups. Go ahead and do it, you won't be sorry! :-)