It's even worse than it appears..
Musk deleted the offensive post. A good sign. Someone around him, his mother, a sibling, perhaps -- connected and said you don't say stuff like this when real people are suffering? #
Now's a good time to point back to a piece I wrote in 2017. Warning what would happen if a Republican bought Twitter. Has anyone heard Musk say he's trying to protect American democracy? A realist would have to say at this point that American democracy is not a good bet. I think it's pretty much already gone folks. Musk has opened his channel with Putin, and the two are going to exchange favors. Musk is in a stronger position than Trump was, probably even when Trump was president. He has all this money Trump never had. And now he has a platform more powerful than all the newspapers in the world. #
Musk said what Trump would've said if he were on Twitter. This made a connection for me. Musk wants to be Trump. At some point he will welcome Trump, but only when Trump is just the old version of Musk. Like the Beatles inviting Elvis to do a concert with them. He could do it but it wouldn't matter. #
The assassination attempt on Speaker Pelosi is the biggest news since Reagan was shot. #
Elon Musk said something horrible and this is causing some people to get serious about qutting Twitter. I see why they might be doing it, but I didn't quit Twitter when Trump took it over, and his tweets were impossible to avoid. But people are doing it, and that gets me interested in the idea of a brain-dead simple to use and simple to host way of pushing messages into the ether so friends can easily and quickly catch them. Nothing more than that and of course an API, also minimal, for peering. #
If you're leaving Twitter, something to do before deleting your account -- save a list of the people you follow. You may need it later.#

Last update: Sunday October 30, 2022; 5:45 PM EDT.

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