It's even worse than it appears..
I posted a thread on Twitter today documenting how Chrome was mangling RSS feeds, had been for many years. I didn't know this was Google's plug-in. As far as I knew this was the way Chrome shipped. It's possible I installed it myself, it would have had to be a long time ago. But I just right-clicked on the XML icon in the browser's chrome and chose to uninstall it, and I viewed an RSS feed and it came out "literal" -- here's a screen shot. All that wasted time. I didn't need to write the xmlviewer app. Oy. I wonder what else I am missing. #
Reading an RSS file should be as easy as it is to read a JSON file.#
  • Twitter as a development platform is an incredible product, worth imho more than the user-facing platform. #
  • No competition among cloud vendors (AWS, Google, MS, DO), strong well-burned-in API and the huge potential of a world-scale notification network that also has a great simple UI. #
  • Add some services onto that like storage, and you really have something amazing. Huge potential.#

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