It's even worse than it appears..
Kyrie Irving should wear a yellow star on his uniform as a condition of his return to the NBA.#
Podcast: Why Twitter needs to handle simple documents. In 2022, the ability to move simple documents around the net is limited to PDF and Word, both of which are designed for printing not online. What's stopping this? Agreement on what a document is. Twitter says it's titleless and limited to 280 chars. RSS readers say they must have titles (the readers are wrong, btw, nothing wrong with posts without titles). Blogging software, on which Twitter is based, arrived at a simple definition, and that's what I propose Twitter support because it has the simplest and yet most powerful distribution system, and basically everyone who writes is already hooked up to it. This inability of the best network to move documents around reasonably instead of as GIFs, is ridiculous in 2022. It's as if you had to carry a tank of gasoline in your electric vehicle just because they couldn't figure out how to design a car without a gas tank. Total bullshit. This is a feature they could charge for and it would be worth it. It would not be punishment for users for freeloading (as Musk seems to be positioning it). We should start out in our new relationship with a better understanding of what they do and what we do. We write. They provide distribution for writers. Let's make that work really well. No reason you can't make a good living doing that.#
Developers: It is this easy to read an RSS feed in a Node app.#
One thing that's great about Musk's takeover of Twitter is that all of a sudden everything is in motion. I've wanted Twitter to allow it to peer with simple blogging systems. At least someone is listening to these ideas now. I noticed yesterday that Substack is now openly competing with Twitter, again a good thing -- we need more choice, and the non-moving Twitter has been a serious obstacle to progress. #
"Woke" is a not-subtle fascist dog whistle for “not-white, non-Christian.”#
Why hasn’t trump been arrested for trying to steal the Georgia election two freaking years ago. How much evidence do they need? They have a recording of him doing it, not speaking in coded language.#

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