It's even worse than it appears..
I'm voting for Democrats because Democrats vote for us.#
Musk didn't factor something knowable into his thinking as he approached this switchover. The people who use his service all have a platform to speak on. The one he provides for free. This is the business he bought. #
I'm fed up with huge incompetent corporations insisting that I provide information they don't need.#
  • Today is a very unique day, a first-ever -- Twitter is not exactly the world's town square, as some say. It's a world network, of people mostly, the API hasn't really been used very well. Everybody speaks on Twitter, and today everyone has something to say.#
  • Why? A core part of this network is being fired. They all have the ability to communicate with everyone. #
  • The reverberations may be felt like nothing before. #
  • I have a sense of this because being one of the first to host a blogging community I learned how strange it is when the people using your software are all able to communicate. #
  • When one of our services went down, and we had trouble getting it back on the air, the eruption made the national press. This was in 2004. Twitter is orders of magnitude larger, but it's the same basic idea. #
  • The people all have a podium. Some of their ideas will get through. #

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