It's even worse than it appears..
Monday November 14, 2022; 8:36 AM EST
  • I saw a bit of Dave Chappelle's routine on SNL. Very funny how he points out there are a lot of Jews in Hollywood. (That was sarcasm.) I'm sure they're all assholes. No sarcasm there. I had some dealings with them in Napster days. I couldn't believe the ideas they had in defense of their profits. Really scorched earth shit. The sense of entitlement of these people is something to behold. But to be fair, some of them were Christian and while I didn't meet any I bet some of them were black too. That's more a disease of the entertainment business than it is of any one religion or ethnicity.#
  • On the other hand most NBA players are black, obviously, and until now I thought they were pretty neutral about Jews. No reason to think otherwise. Until Kyrie Irving lets out the secret, tests the water. It's met with silence from NBA stars. Only LeBron James speaks out, saying he doesn't "respect" what Kyrie said and does not "condone" it. That's it? Was condoning it actually an option? That's all they have to say. Geez if it were a white person saying something equivalent about black people, or god forbid a Jewish white person, the league would stop and they'd all wear armbands and have candlelight vigils and they (and we, the fans) would force them to divest from the NBA for life. And that would be right. #
  • To be clear, when you deny the Holocaust you're crawling around in the pain of millions of descendants of Holocaust victims. I am only learning how profound that is, being a child of Holocaust survivors myself, after my parents have been gone for years, enough time to now feel the pain that I grew up in, very much inside me, a big part of my foundation. If you think you can ease the pain of being descendants of slaves by denying the Holocaust, well I don't believe you can, and it's not okay any more than it would be for us to deny that slavery happened, which is something today's Repubs very much are doing. We should be helping each other. I thought we were. But I see how mistaken that was. #
  • I'm sensing that antisemitism is one of the foundations of the NBA by their silence, and Dave Chappelle is already known to be a total asshole (why was he hosting SNL). #
  • I don't expect them to sanction Kyrie, I expect him to be reinstated, and the silent antisemitism to continue. But they let a little truth slip out. And while I was a huge fan of the NBA before, and felt good about it, because they were the one sports league that cared about people and fought against hate, now I can't stand to watch them knowing what I know now. #
  • PS: I knew they were racist, btw -- from the way they treated Jeremy Lin. My fault for choosing to overlook that. #
  • PPS: Later, I heard more of the Chapelle monologue. Exactly as I thought. Blacks go deep into our pain and think it’s power? Does he think the millions of children of victims of the Holocaust run Hollywood? And the silence of NBA stars is deafening. And NBC? Wow.#

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