It's even worse than it appears..
Thursday November 17, 2022; 7:05 AM EST
  • The more I learn about Mastodon, the more impressed I am. It's a very nicely done piece of software. And unlike Twitter, they have RSS feeds for every user. Just add a .rss to the end of the URL and you get a nice feed, like this. When I look at the feed I see something someone put some love into. Or if it was a team, they worked well as a team. #
  • I do have a couple of suggestions to make, based on experience providing these feeds basically in all the software I do. #
    • Please give the user a way to change the channel-level title and description for the feed. The reason — my feed doesn’t say it’s from my Mastodon account, so when an update shows up in FeedLand it’s missing that context. The user has a better idea of the context for the feed, how many other feeds they have and how this one relates to those feeds. #
    • There also is a simple instant notification protocol in RSS 2.0 called rssCloud. I’d be happy to show you how to turn it on. Would increase immediacy of updates.#
    • There’s a simple way to link the feed to an account on Twitter, Facebook, etc. we should add one for Masto as well. I started a thread for this. #
  • I've started a discussion thread for this topic here. I'd love to work with the people who do this part of Mastodon to make this feature even better than it already is.#
  • PS: Here's what my Mastodon feed looks like as a river in FeedLand and as a mailbox. #

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