It's even worse than it appears..
Update on our Mastodon work. It's working. 😄#
There's something really interesting about this feed from Mastodon. I look at it and I see that even though I've never met them, somehow their feed ended up looking a lot like the feeds I make now, 20 years later. It's like there was this game of Telephone, and you'd expect by now, after passing through so many hands, esp people who were trying to break the chain, what came out the other end is correct. Thanks due in part to Manton Reece who persuaded the Masto folk that feed items are not required to have titles. Finally we have a massive maker of feeds who I hope will force all feed readers to support this feature that has been in RSS since v0.91. Item titles are optional. It's in the spec. In fact it's so important that I said it twice in two different ways in case anyone was confused. I think this is just a matter of programmers looking for an easy way out and most of them not being writers. 💥#
In late 2021, I wrote this piece which has turned into a manifesto in my mind. "Drummer is more than a piece of software -- it's an interop bomb." The same is true of FeedLand. #
  • In the early days of podcasting our motto was#
    • "Users and developers party together."#
  • It's a very powerful combination. Can't be beat.#
  • It's time to do that again. 🚀#

Last update: Monday November 21, 2022; 5:14 PM EST.

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