It's even worse than it appears.. now has 250 items per tab, where previously there was a limit of 100. I wanted more news. #
I couldn't be happier that an open microblogging site is booming after spending a full year developing FeedLand. Timing couldn't be better. I love that there are users who are excited about the software I make.And I truly appreciate Elon Musk for letting them all go.#
  • These days my questions are in this order:#
    • Do they support RSS?#
    • Do they support <source:markdown>?#
    • Do they support <cloud>?#
  • If they check those three boxes they are my friend! 💥#
  • Even two are pretty coooooool. 😎#
  • And honestly I'd be pretty happy with one. 😄#
  • There are lots of news sites covering developments at Twitter.#
  • Are there any news sites focusing on Mastodon?#
  • I'd like to create a category for them in FeedLand. #
  • Shared publicly of course.#
  • What kind of news?#
    • new developments in the system software #
    • new apps from developers#
    • ideas for the future#
    • who are the users#
    • unique applications#
  • I've been around a number of big platforms when they were new, starting with the Apple II, then the IBM PC, Mac, Windows, the web, RSS, podcasting...#
  • When they're new is when the news is interesting and exciting. #
  • The best journalists want to be covering it, and we want them.#
  • I'm trying to think but nothing happens!#

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