It's even worse than it appears..
Just got a note from Matt Mullenweg saying they're going to support titleless feeds in WordPress. Couldn't be happier. #
It's worth mentioning that NetNewsWire already does a good job of items with or without titles. Here are screen shots of NNW displaying a titled post, and an titleless post from Scripting News.#
Also on their site they say "it's like podcasts -- but for reading." That's brilliant. Probably leaves a bunch of people scratching their heads. But this is where we're going. Making the world of text work as smoothly as the world of audio. Next step is to work on interop. So I can copy a full-featured textcast item from an app that doesn't support all the features (like Twitter or Mastodon) and paste it into one that does (like NetNewsWire or FeedLand), and voila -- everything is there. It's a simple change that would make it impossible for any participant in the network to lock you in. Your ideas would be free to move instead of being locked up. Feeds get us most of the way there, but there's a little more to do. #
Twitter would do better with competition than without. #
Lon Seidman: "Funny how my RSS reader keeps working perfectly fine well over a decade after I set it up. No bans, no algorithms, just dutifully spits out what I'm following each time I Iog in." That's because if someone tried to lock you in you'd just switch. Having something like RSS under an industry keeps it honest and respectful of users.#
A weird thought. Musk gets upset and calls a timeout. Twitter goes off the air for 24 hours. As Judy Tenuta says -- It could happen. ;-)#
Last night I posted a note here announcing a new feature in FeedLand that lets you connect an email address to your account. I just wrote a more detailed explanation of what's going on with a place to ask questions if you're having trouble. This is important, it's a backup against a problem with Twitter. Better safe than sorry! 💥#
BTW, it's worth noting that your subscriptions are public info, so even if for some reason you couldn't log onto your account you could still access your subscriptions, because anyone can. For example, my subscriptions are here. You can even get them by category.#

Last update: Monday December 19, 2022; 2:32 PM EST.

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