It's even worse than it appears..
I uploaded the source of the feeder app to the reallySimple repo. #
I'm going to concentrate the feed-related source I release in the demos folder of the reallySimple repo. #
Having something like RSS under an industry keeps it honest and respectful of users.#
Of course journalists are being recruited by text-based social networks. They're influencers and that's a big business. What's amazing is the news orgs don't seem to see this. If they did, they'd be setting up their own networks of influencers. #
  • Textcasting is like podcasting but for text. A blog is a way to make text that can be cast. So is a microblog. Or a chat app. The idea is that they should all be able to accept and pass on text without losing elements they don't understand. #
  • So if I pass a titled item through a system that can't handle titles, no problem, but if when it transmits the text it must pass on the title. #
  • A short list of required features must be supported, in transit, including simple styling, links, optional titles, unlimited length, enclosures for podcasting, ability to edit. #
  • This won't happen overnight, but the apps that do this will be ones that are fair to users, and will build a broad set of varied apps that all work on the same data. No lock-in is possible with this approach. #

Last update: Sunday December 18, 2022; 8:22 PM EST.

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