It's even worse than it appears..
Monday December 19, 2022; 10:26 AM EST
  • As a Tesla owner I find all the press about people dumping their Teslas because Musk is a brat pretty fucked up. Like going to a diner in Ohio to find out what Trumpsters are up to as if that were measuring anything credible.#
  • I am an extreme liberal, esp when it comes to the web. My creds are excellent. And I love my Model Y. I feel like its a privilege to drive it every time I get in the car. And I've owned some terrific cars in my life. There are some cars that are just great to drive. So great that their flaws are not relevant. That Elon Musk is tied to the product is unfortunate. But until I drive a car that's equal to the car I have, I'm not going to bend to the bullshit the press is putting out there. #
  • I also still use Twitter. I'm not going to let Musk chase me off. He'll have to suspend me if he wants me off. I would regret that. I've been on Twitter since 2006. Musk can do whatever he wants, Twitter is big enough for both of us.#
  • I voted for Obama twice, Hillary and Biden. So fuck you if you think driving a Tesla is like being a MAGA.#
  • The two things are completely disconnected, and the press is working overtime to try to connect them.#
  • I see what you're doing and this is why I hate journalism. Kick back and stop inventing the news. Report it. #

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