It's even worse than it appears..
Podcast: An open voicemail to my longtime friend Guy Kawasaki, who wants to meet up with people on LinkedIn. I say come play with us on Mastodon. The difference is I can make software for you that plugs in beautifully on Mastodon, without limits, it's a "platform with no platform vendor." I will never be able to make software for you that works in LinkedIn. Lots of analogies. And I am as usual far too long-winded. #
We've learned that you can't compete with Twitter on Twitter. I wonder how broad that is and where the lines are, if there are any. I also seems inevitable that Musk/Twitter will sue users, not just suspend them. #
  • Do you recognize this SNL sketch? I just saw an excerpt from it and I want to see the rest. What do I search for. I find it fascinating. #
  • Update: Thanks to Stephen Tallent on Twitter. 😄#
  • Once I got FeedLand's implementation of rssCloud working with WordPress and Andrew Shell's server, I created a very simple demo app in Node that just does the rssCloud functionality, so anyone can test with our implementation, and see exactly what's going on.#
  • It also provides a reference implementation for people just getting started with rssCloud.#
  • At some point I need to rewrite the walkthrough. It's not very well done imho (I am the author).#

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