It's even worse than it appears..
It's been a long year. One more day to go. #
  • I was there when we moved from mainframes to micros. #
  • The real magic happened when they could both be on the same network. That came about 15 years after micros showed up. The web. Two worlds became one. #
  • Today the text world was similarly bifurcated.#
  • There's a big line separating the web writing world into two parts.#
    • The parts meant for reading via RSS#
    • The parts that can't be read via RSS#
  • But that is changing because the line has been crossed, by Mastodon. #
  • What they did is provide an RSS feed for each user.#
  • There, the line is gone. #
  • What's next?#
  • On Mastodon:#
  • Yes, Substack is blogging, and it's totally valid for a blogging system to be better at publishing one kind of writing.#
  • What's wrong with Substack, and why it will ultimately need to change or be replaced, is that they require writers to use their editor. #
  • That's lock-in. Not interop.#
  • And interop is part of the philosophy of blogging imho.#
  • As a writer, I use the writing tools best suited for me. #
  • We let Google bury it.#
  • But it survived anyway.#
  • Never again.#
  • #

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