It's even worse than it appears..
Howard Rheingold: "I'm appreciating FeedLand -- I decided to follow everyone who follows me [on Mastodon]. I can add the feeds of a few dozen people I want to pay closer attention to under my Mastodon or News categories. Mastodon for the raw feed, Feedland for the curated feed. Once I went through it, the process was clean, straightforward, quick."#
Here's HR's news page. #
Braintrust query: I'm thinking about getting a refurbished Mac laptop. I seem to remember there was a point at which Mac laptops started sucking. Is it safe to buy a 2015 Powerbook? I need to be able to run Frontier on it, that's why I can't buy a new one. #
My OPML subscription list via FeedLand. #
I'm now setting up a second FeedLand instance, this one for me personally. Learning what it takes to set one up and smoothing things out. Taking lots of notes. Found a few bugs, but not many. Surprising how little breakage there has been between Instance0 and Instance1. #
If you've been reading this blog since the beginning you know about Fractional Horsepower servers. It's an important idea. That software you think of as running on huge servers in the cloud also can be deployed on much smaller systems, including behind a firewall on a personal computer. Radio UserLand was a server that ran on the desktop, yet very few users knew that. It just ran in the browser, there was a little cloud component to act as a proxy, to do the kinds of things you can't do from a desktop. #
I wasn't very entertained with The Menu on HBO but now I find myself thinking about it a lot, not deliberately. Weird. So I watched it again, and on the second viewing it came together. I've had a similar experience with There Will Be Blood. I didn't like it on the first viewing, but watched it again, and it became one of my favorite movies. #

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