It's even worse than it appears..
Saturday January 7, 2023; 3:30 PM EST
  • I really like Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty. #
  • Almost finished with the ten episodes of Season 1 on HBO Max. #
  • I like it for a bunch of reasons. #
    • I like John C. Reilly who plays Jerry Buss the new owner of the Lakers when the season starts. He also btw is really good at audiobooks. I'd listen to any book he narrates. He's Mr Affability. And perfectly cast for the role of Buss. #
    • I like the style, it's a little weird at first, but it's clever, and they break the fourth wall a few times, to good effect. #
    • I like that the style reminds me of one of my favorite movies, Any Given Sunday, also a sports movie.#
    • I like sports movies/shows. And I especially like basketball. It's my favorite sport.#
    • I like the story how Pat Reilly became the coach of the Lakers and led them to dynasty. #
    • I like how Kareem became friends with Magic. #
    • I like that the guy who played Spencer Haywood is the same actor who played Avon Barksdale in The Wire. #
    • I like that Sally Field plays Jerry Buss's mother! She's awesome as always.#
    • I like all the actors and roles. That's unusual. With such a huge cast you'd think there would be one impossible to watch character, but no, they're all interesting. #
    • I like that they will have lots of potential seasons, next up Phil Jackson and how he became the next dynastic coach of the Lakers. And don't forget Kobe and Shaq who probably won't show up until Season 3 or 4. #
  • I gave it the highest rating on Bingeworthy. It didn't get great reviews. When I finish it, I'll read some of them to see what I missed. ;-)#

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