It's even worse than it appears..
Jeff Beck Group: I Ain't Superstitious. #
WordPress is in the way. I've avoided saying this because I like Matt, but at some point, it being in the way has to win out. And since when do I not say something because I like the person who made it. It's in the way. I would like to see it move out of the way. I will write a piece soon explaining how they could, and should, do that. #
Today I got the FSD beta for my Model Y, and of course I tried it out, very carefully. And I can validate that it did try to do the worst thing at the worst possible moment. Luckily I have always been a nervous passenger and I wasn't about to trust a bot this much. I intervened at the first sign of trouble.#
Even though I have far fewer followers on Masto, I get much more engagement there than on Twitter. Has it been productive? Hmmm, not sure about that. But I have hope that it will result in collaboration.#
2015: "In order for the open web to flourish again, there have to be tools and services that are open that are more useful than the ones we use in the silos."#
I watched two movies up for Oscars, and found little to recommend either. The Banshees movie is supposed to be a comedy of sorts but it was so painful to watch, not much room for laughter. And I guess I didn't really watch the Fableman movie, walked out after the opening scene. Spielberg's movies have declined into self-obsession. He thinks we're so freaking stupid and he's so freaking wonderful. Come on man do another Jaws. Now that was a movie. One thing I got from Banshees is that the Irish say fecking and I wonder if it means what I think it means. Anyway, I'm looking for something great to watch, and have fallen back to re-watching Band of Brothers. It's been so long since I last watched it that it seems pretty fresh. I long for that kind of story-telling, but they don't seem to make shows like that these days.#
James Corbett: Fecking is used a bit like frack in Battlestar Galactica, with a more limited range of application. And isn't really used in real life the way it is in movie versions of Ireland.#
Can't get Still Crazy After All These Years out of my mind. Such a sad song. Written by Simon when he was 34, but it seems written from the perspective of a person my own age. Best line: "Longing my life away."#
  • I bought my Tesla before people got all crabby about it. #
  • And no just because you don't like Elon Musk I'm not going to walk away from a $70K purchase of a product that I absolutely adore. #
  • Every time I drive my car I feel like it's a huge privilege to drive it. #
  • I know of no other product that makes me feel that way.#
  • And yes I think Musk is an asshole too and a danger to our civilization.#
  • But then I actually warned you all that someone like Musk could buy Twitter, and you didn't listen.#
  • You're gaslighting when you tell another person how they feel about something. #
  • If I see myself doing that, I hit the brakes hard, and go for a walk and think about it. And over time I've trained myself not to believe I know how other people are feeling. #
  • Esp people who I only know from reading their emails or blog posts.#
  • A sad truth for all the holier-than-thous is that we all use products made by evil companies all the fecking time.#
  • I bet you bought something made by Exxon in the last week. #
  • They might have created a name of a company that makes you think you're not buying from an evil corp, but that's just marketing. #
  • If you think you're fighting back against The Man by giving grief to a fellow human being, hmm, no.#
  • Please have a nice day. 😄 #

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