It's even worse than it appears..
Thursday January 12, 2023; 10:51 PM EST
  • It was smart for Medium to embrace Mastodon.#
  • It gets people talking about Medium again.#
  • What comes next? Setting up a Masto-instance is easy. #
  • Will Substack, who stole Medium's thunder, be next to embrace Mastoicism?#
  • Maybe Mastodon will become WordPress? Just support Markdown and get rid of the character limit and Masto is almost there. #
  • I spend a lot of time every day using Mastodon and use WordPress only when i'm testing for compatibility with WordPress. Mastodon is much closer to what I think a centralized blogging host should be.#
  • I keep wondering how this will evolve. #
  • Meanwhile I'm working every day on FeedLand. Quietly. 😄#
  • One thing is for sure -- ActivityPub is complicated.#
  • It would be a very hard job I imagine to make Medium an ActivityPub node. #
  • I'm not sure ActivityPub gets you all that much, btw.#
  • I'm still betting heavy on RSS, just enough syndication.#
  • Just some random end-of-day thoughts.#

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