It's even worse than it appears..
RSS is a good thing. It represents something precious, developers working together, just a little, and only for a brief period. We should recognize it for the lucky gift that it is, and do things to help it. #
RSS is a thing like roadways and paths of rivers, they change very slowly. Think about qwerty keyboards. That's what we're talking about here. Agreements between products to interop. RSS is just like the gauge of rails, or always driving on one side of the street. A convention that makes progress possible. #
Also, we have to stop anthropomorphizing tech. Formats and protocols aren't alive. #
I was raised in the aftermath of the Holocaust by survivors. In that sense my whole life is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. #
I'm not using the term antisemitism any longer. Instead calling it "Jew Hate." If you hate Jews, that's what I'm going to say you do. #

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