It's even worse than it appears..
Friday February 10, 2023; 9:39 PM EST
  • This has been an incredibly stressful week for me. It was supposed to be the week we launched testing of feedlandInstall, enough of a stretch on its own, but it also simultaneously became the week that Drummer had to be converted to a new identity system and HTTPS, all happening at the same time, thanks to the implosion of the API at Twitter. It's okay, it is what it is. I went into it with my eyes open, I knew there could be a day when we had to quickly get out of TwitterVille. 😄#
  • This added some extra chaos to the feedlandInstall process because the products share a package called daveappserver, and I had to make changes to how it works to get Drummer working, and there was a risk of FeedLand breakage as a result, and some breakage has occurred.#
  • We will get there. A new Drummer without Twitter for identity and a new open source release of FeedLand's server so a thousand instances can bloom. Everyone will want to be part of a FeedLand workgroup the same way they are joining Mastodon instances. Communities of feed readers serving larger communities of news users. #

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