It's even worse than it appears..
Yesterday I posted a series of tweets outlining where I want to go next. It's about reviving the blogger developer community, to give them the tools we didn't have in the 90s and 00s that are now very practical. And start to grow, slowly at first, the way blogging and podcasting grew, with a clear foundation of what a document is, so interop is really simple and we're not so vulnerable to Silicon Valley adventures. To give programmers the means to easily deploy their apps with the minimum fuss, and for users to be able to take responsibility for keeping their own work safe. Then, having achieved this I will retire to Albania where I will throw pottery and sew afghans. #
I was looking for a simple list of ingredients for a nice pot roast and made the mistake of looking on Google first, and was bewildered by all the bullshit. Then I thought, this is a job for ChatGPT. All the business model bullshit prevents the web from being able to answer a simple question. ChatGPT filters out the bullshit and gets right to the point. What is so complicated about that. I don't see any misinformation, btw. #
I heard from a troll that ChatGPT couldn't come up with a recipe for nice potato latkes. More bullshit. I would only add that you can use chicken fat in place of the vegetable oil if you want the full experience.#
There's this great scene in Get Back. McCartney and Lennon are disagreeing, it's getting personal, or heavy in some way. Lennon looks at McCartney, big pause, and says "It's just me." The founders of the Beatles. The biggest rock stars. The whole franchise. On the other hand, they were nobodies together. Now everyone thinks we're so important, but come on, it's just me. Funny thing is, when you're a nobody you're desperate to be somebody. And when you're the biggest somebody there is, you yearn to be a nobody again. Nothing ironic about it, it's almost mathematical. BTW, if you find this clip on YouTube, I'd love to include it with this post. #
I got whipped cream cheese by mistake. I don't like it. #

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