It's even worse than it appears..
I don't believe in character limits in blog posts. I hope in a few years all these discussions about what's the optimal number of characters for a post will be seen as farce, like the scene in Amadeus where the Emperor says Mozart's opera has too many notes. I don't think it's up to Emperors or software developers to have opinions on what's the right number of characters in my writing. What if in turn, as a writer, I said your code couldn't have more 500 characters per file. What's the likelihood that this edict would make any sense? Hopefully that puts it in perspective. There's a simple solution available to everyone, a More link at some arbitrary breakpoint, that does enough to encourage short posts if that's what you're after. And it also makes sense to writers. #
In Jamaica when they say someone “dirty shirted” you that means they disrespected you. I was looking for a reference to it on the web and can’t find it. Did I imagine it?#
I keep finding legit tasks for ChatGPT. For example, I have a new utility that hooks Chokidar up to websockets. If a file is modified, a message goes to a server, which in turn forwards the message to N listeners. Chokidar is a very nice utility with lots of configuration options, but sparse docs. I wanted to know if there was anything I could do to improve latency, ie the time it takes for a change to a file to be noticed and acted on. The docs provide some vague clues, but when I asked ChatGPT if I could adjust the latency, it gave me a clear yes, and showed me how to do it. Also suggested there might be lesser-known toolkits that would be better for this kind of application. #
It’s that time of year where you think winter must be nearly over but this is just the beginning of the torture.#

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