It's even worse than it appears..
Pot roast is much better on the second day.#
A long time ago a reporter friend who wrote for the WSJ sent me a link to a blurb for his new book, with my name under it. They wanted me to put this text in a blog post so they could quote it. There was no request, no "please," just here's the job. I didn't do it, and got a flamey email from the guy which surprisingly included a threat to never quote me again. What shocked me then and still shocks me today was how pro forma it seemed. The kind of thing they do for each other all the time in the news business? As far as I recall, I never wrote about it, and certainly never mentioned the name of the reporter. All that's interesting about it to me is that it appeared to be standard practice.#
  • What if friends treated their friends as nicely as they treat dogs. #
  • When you sensed they needed a little support, look them in the eye and ask "Who's a good boy?!" #
  • Rub behind the ears. #
  • When they sit give them a treat. #
  • Let them rest their head on your knee.#
  • Inside of us, everyone, including you, is a little pup who just wants to know they're in the right place doing the right thing.#
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