It's even worse than it appears..
Podcast: I'm crazy and I know it. 🤪 4.5 min.#
When Facebook launches their Twitter replacement, will they pay us to write for them, or is it the same old bullshit model where we work for free like hamsters spinning the wheels.#
On the other hand, we should have an open source Twitter replacement that's fucking easy to install and runs itself. Node.js. Runs on desktop in Electron for local users. It could be much easier than Mastodon. A fractional-horsepower tweeter. If anyone wants to work on that, let me know, I'd like to be part of such a thing (mostly as a user and app developer).#
My step-niece and nephew, Miranda and Jake, in Jamaica had a routine with my uncle, their step-father. He would scrunch up his face looking at a plate of food and say "I don't like this!" And they would in a chorus sing "But Ken it's gooooood for you!" They were the cutest kids and he was pretty cute too gotta say. #
This song sounds incredible on the Amazon Echo Studio. #
Okay now I have to tell you about my latest experience with ChatGPT. The subject is CSS. It's possible to do all kinds of crazy logic on DOM elements, given all the different selectors they have. But how to combine them to do what you want to do? You can stare at the table for hours, and do trial-and-error, but if you're like me, you gave up before you even started. But with ChatGPT, you can formulate the question according to what you want to do, and it creates a docs page that probably never existed before, that shows you, with examples, how to do what you want. I just did that. Amazing. It digs you out of corners. Nothing like this has ever existed. #
  • what would a chatgpt-like twitter be?#
  • i type a query, and the bot responds. #
  • then you can type a query that builds on mine, starting a new thread, which other people can build on.#
  • the thread to the first tweet forms a stack, a context for each subsequent reply?#
  • what comes out at the end is pure singularity?#
  • i asked chatgpt and it says no, it would not be a singularity because "ChatGPT-like models are limited to generating responses based on their training data and do not possess true consciousness or self-awareness."#

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