It's even worse than it appears..
Today's song: We'll Meet Again. #
Knowing yourself is like a 12-step program. Sometimes you drop down a few levels into the trance, and you need a "sponsor" to help you pull yourself out of it. Obviously no one else can pull you out, you have to do it. A friend can help. #
Here's the thing about Twitter. Since they started showing the number of impressions on every tweet, you can see how meaningless the number of followers is. You could have 66.7K followers, but your tweet might still only get 764 views. Once, a long time ago, Twitter was a flow machine. Now it's like a dry lakebed. A void. It looks like Twitter used to look, but looks aren't everything. #
If there were no "organic" blue checkmarks on Twitter would you pay $84 a year for a blue checkmark, given that everyone who saw it would know that all it means is that you paid Twitter $84 a year?#
On the dark side, AI is going to be a great tool for 1984-type governments, because with a single script you could rewrite history everywhere. Write people out, and other people in. Kind of like Wikipedia of course, nothing new actually. 🚀#
BTW, please -- someone should offer a package that can load a series of RSS feeds into ChatGPT. Here's a Node package I wrote that makes reading a feed as simple as it can possibly be. #
I asked a question of ChatGPT: "I have a blog with archives going back to 1994. I'd like to have that content loaded into ChatGPT so it can be part of the knowledge base. I am a JavaScript programmer. What's the easiest way to get a quick result?" I understand the code, I think -- but I'm no closer to understanding what to do. How do I come up with the prompts? What if I have no prompts, what's the result? They say be careful of the cost, what is the cost based on. I feel lost like I did when I first saw what the web could do, I wanted to know -- how do I set up a node on the next. The answers I got from those in the know made no sense to me, until they did. Here's a place to comment. #
I wish journalists would pay more attention to issues a bit further away than their own navels.#
  • A small change --#
    • Before the recent transition, when you chose My News Product from the menu, it would open your news product on
    • After the transition, it opens the same page on This was an oversight, and imho incorrect.#
    • Now it reverts back to, which is imho a much more appropriate name.#
  • My new product is at:
  • PS: Here are the docs for news products. #

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