It's even worse than it appears..
Today's song: Amie.#
For the first time I'm thinking I should quit Twitter over their labeling of NPR as state-owned media. It seems to me staying on Twitter implies that I support what they did, and I do not. I could just as easily see them putting yellow badges on Jewish people's accounts. #
Poll: If Twitter labeled Jewish people's accounts would you quit?#
I just got notice that Twitter was turning off the identity service for This is the first one that I care about. Gets me thinking about how I might resurrect this app. I wrote it shortly after I became a fan of Facebook. I wanted to create a blogging system around their UI breakthoughs, and to improve on them. #
I had ChatGPT write some SQL code for me. I probably could have figured it out in a couple of hours, but instead it took me five minutes to specify the problem, and it took ChatGPT another five minutes to code it up and explain it to me. I wanted to see how many feeds each FeedLand user is the "first subscriber" of. Here's an archive of the conversation. #
I'm not getting very much work done these days. Still more work to do on FeedLand. And after that I'm thinking the next project might be a Linux port for Frontier. I really want to leave a functioning Frontier behind as part of my body of work. And the Mac isn't a very reliable platform going forward. It's so funny -- the best product I ever did, really -- and it got all mired in the jealousy of Apple employees. Thinking about it. #

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