It's even worse than it appears..
Last night I got a slew of emails from Twitter saying that many if not all of my apps that build on the Twitter API have been switched off. #
With today's news Radio3 actually still works, assuming the server doesn't reboot, and you don't sign off and try to sign in again, because we cache the authorization keys in memory on the server. So I'm going to keep using it, but expect at some point I'm going to have to switch over to the linkblogging feature I added recently to FeedLand. #
There will be features in some products that will no longer work, ones that depend on a connection to Twitter, like tweeting a post in Drummer by clicking on an icon. Some whole products, like won't work at all. #
At this point, I don't plan to convert any of the software to their new API, or to pay for the connection to Twitter. So the features that are broken likely will stay that way.#
To be clear: I haven't decided to cut the connection from Twitter to my products -- Twitter did that. I haven't broken one thing in any of them related to Twitter support. The only changes I made were to make Drummer and FeedLand work if Twitter ever cut them off, which has now happened. #
I posted a perspective on this to my site. #
A continuing thread on this topic, started on Feb 3.#

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