It's even worse than it appears..
Braintrust query: Do you use Nostr? Which client should I try?#
Amazing: No news org has rushed into the space of running a ChatGPT that is totally up to date on the news. I think if one put their mind to it, it could be done in a couple of weeks, if that much.#
Succession spoiler, don't read. Before the finale, there's going to be a presidential election. Current ATN management is backing the Nazi. But it looks like Shiv and probably Tom are going to run ATN, and we know Shiv wants someone else. And also don't forget, the oft-overlooked Roy, Connor, is running for president. It might not matter who's Logan's successor, the show might be about who is the The Raisin's successor. It's hard to imagine the Swede cares, but we know for a fact that Shiv does. And in this, she's not like a Roy kid, she's a serious person, who's been kept on the sideline too long because of her gender. A Roy might end up in the White House, a new raisin, and whoever it is will be in Shiv's pocket? That would be a fine ending. #
I want ChatGPT to answer questions about Succession. 🚀#
I see Jack Dorsey is answering questions in his new Twitter, known as Blue Sky. He talks about new Twitters, but he acts like a competitor, ignoring Mastodon, which is up and running, and has the feature that there is no Jack Dorsey or Elon Musk, and the Silicon Valley cartel doesn't own it. My message to Dorsey if he can hear it: You've got your billions, find something else to play with. Twitter has a job to do, we need choices, we don't need another Jack Dorsey mess.#
  • How about instead of emotional appeals, let's do some real old fashioned marketing of Mastodon.#
    • List features in the left margin.#
    • List products across the top.#
    • Put checkboxes where the product has the feature. #
    • We used to do this kind of stuff really well. #
  • Products I'm interested in --#
    • Mastodon#
    • Blue Sky#
    • Nostr#
    • Twitter#

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