It's even worse than it appears..
On Twitter, I've been trained like a Pavlovian dog to see the blue checkmark as a sign of distinction, but now have to unlearn that, and I don't like being manipulated that way. #
I watched a very interesting Nova episode about how little you actually see of the world with your eyes, how most of what you think you see is synthesized, your brain is guessing what might be there, just like one of the AIs. Hallucinating, in other words. Heh. We may be recreating humanity in a very literal sense with our new artificial brothers and sisters!#
Watched the Miami Heat roll over the Boston Celtics last night. If the Heat win, no matter who wins in the West I can't imagine I'll watch the Finals this year. I am really pulling for the Celtics to come from behind and wipe the smile off Jimmy Butler's face. Butler has never won a championship and I desperately want it to stay that way. But I have no feelings for Denver and I can't decide who I despise more LeBron James or Butler. But I will watch Game 3 on Sunday night, after Succession of course, because that's what really matters. #
Blogging tech was originally created during the SF newspaper strike in 1994. We were helping the strikers protect their jobs against automation, like what we were doing with the network. Irony incarnate.#
I think Cory Doctorow is a very smart person, but he's also a mean mofo. Listening to NPR just now, they're introducing an interview with him. I told Alexa to STFU (in more polite language). I smiled and thought I'd better tweet this. One of those if life were only like this moments. 💥#

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