It's even worse than it appears..
Tuesday July 4, 2023; 8:22 AM EDT
  • We now know that Facebook's new social network, Threads, will be available to the public on Thursday. The day after tomorrow. #
  • There's lots of discourse on the net about What's To Be Done about this big event. Based on decades of experience with such launches, here's what I say.#
    • No matter what we do right now it'll probably have no effect on the Facebook rollout. #
    • It's better to listen, study and learn, size up the product. We don't know what it is. Wait till we find out. #
    • Call them Facebook, not Meta. They're trying to run away from their legacy, but it's very relevant. People should know it's coming from Facebook not "Meta." When I see Meta my mind reads "Mets."#
    • After the dust has settled, what if anything should be done may be more apparent.#
    • Remember, Bigco's launch with big thunder but the products often flop. Don't get sucked into the hype. #
    • Whatever you say or do now, viewed from a few weeks from now, will seem silly and over-reactive. Keep on truckin. #
    • Let's study the product, discover what can be done with its APIs (assuming it has some) and keep an open mind. It's possible that some good can come from this. #
    • Don't depend on journalists to study it. They tend to report on the press releases, and amp up the fear. #
    • First and foremost -- don't panic. 😄#

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